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RPM Blood Glucose Monitor

Remotely measure patient glucose levels with the 100Plus blood glucose monitor.

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Easy To Set Up. Easy To Use. Dedicated to Better Health Outcomes

Blood Glucose Monitor

Ensure that your diabetic patients are keeping their glucose levels healthy and take action when their levels indicate a need for intervention.

  • Blood glucose results within 5 seconds
  • Cell network connectivity
  • Test strips included at no cost to your patient
  • Test strips automatically ordered when patient is below the minimum level of supplies needed
  • Automatically streams data to the practice with no user intervention
  • Color LCD monitor
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Handheld meter
  • Back-lit display

RPM Blood Glucose Monitors Make It Easy To Create Better Outcomes

Get Continuous Blood Glucose Data Quickly

Get clinical information at-a-glance in our practitioner portal and make better decisions based on comprehensive and continuous patient glucose level data.

The 100Plus Blood Glucose Monitoring System consists of the meter itself, test strips, and control solution. The glucose meter uses a small drop of fresh capillary whole blood placed on the test strip to produce an electrical current which is read by the meter to produce a glucose level reading. The meter displays the result within 5 seconds to your patient and streams that information directly into the practitioner portal so you can review it and analyze it over time to see trends in glucose levels.

Full Service For You and Your Patients

The devices ship directly from us to your patients. Your office never needs to be a go-between. You just start getting results.

  • Free Shipping to Patient
  • Concierge Setup & Education
  • Unlimited Support
  • Free Device Replacement
  • Free Test Consumables, Including Test Strips and Lancets

Patient Applications of RPM Blood Glucose Monitors

1.25 million Americans Diabetes Type 1. 40,000 more will be diagnosed this year. This chronic illness stays with your patients for life, but with proper management, those suffering from Type 1 Diabetes can live full long lives. Working with your patients on medication compliance, diet, and exercise is a crucial part of that equation, but there’s something else you can do to help them stay on the path to a healthy, full life. Remote Patient Monitoring has helped many patients stay on track by keeping their doctors informed. The 100Plus glucose meter automatically streams data to your practice with no user intervention, so you can monitor your patient’s glucose levels and take action when you need to.

Type 2 Diabetes is the most common type of diabetes. When Type 2 Diabetes isn’t controlled and treated properly, patients often suffer from diabetes-related complications, like nerve and kidney damage. Remote patient monitoring devices built to measure and transmit your patient’s blood glucose levels can give you the information you need as a practitioner, to intervene when your patients need you most. Prevent diabetes complications and help patients monitor and control their Type 2 Diabetes — get proactive about patient care.

Ready to Learn More About What Remote Blood Sugar Monitoring Can Do for Your Patients?

You can’t see every patient every day. Remote patient monitoring devices from 100Plus allow your practice to be there even when you aren’t there.

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What 100Plus Does for Your Practice

Enroll More Patients

Enroll Your Patients

Practices may choose to enroll as you go, or our white-glove service team will connect to your EHR, identify patients eligible for the RPM program, perform healthcare insurance eligibility, prior authorization, patient consent, enrollment, education and ongoing support. We ship devices directly to your patients fully configured and ready to use.

Increase Patient Adherence

Help Drive Patient Adherence

Esper, our AI-enabled virtual health assistant, engages patients to ensure regular testing and compliance. If a patient’s results fall outside of a safe range, our clinical team will escalate to your staff based on a set of customized parameters so your practice can quickly intervene.

patient notes

Make Billing More Efficient

The 100Plus provider portal makes billing more efficient through automated charge drafts, monitoring time tracking, and easy access to RPM claims data for billing substantiation. The 100Plus clinical team can enter patient notes directly into your EMR, and generate claims for your review and submission.

Get reimbursed

Get You Reimbursed

Easily track and review claims from our 100Plus portal. Practices can bill insurers (e.g. Medicare) based on standard billing practices for CPT codes 99453, 99454, 99457, and 99458.

No Bluetooth. No Wi-Fi. Just Connect.

Our devices only require a cellular connection. There’s no smartphone, no app, and no Wi-Fi needed. That makes it easy for patients to use with nearly any at-home technology. It’s the hardware that makes RPM easy.

Get Your Patients Started on a Path Toward Healthier Lives

Remote monitoring connects you to your patients, and helps you create better care plans. Let’s work toward better health outcomes for chronic conditions.

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